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Rock Bottom Podcast

Comedians Bob Biggerstaff (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing) & Ray DeVito (The Jim Gaffigan Show, MTV) cohost The Greatest Hour of Listening Ever! aka.. The Ghole. They host the podcast out of NYC, every Monday and they have a guest comedian or two. Every episode the guests have to reveal a guilty pleasure they have, or at least an opinion or stance that they have that goes agains the public opinion. It's an unfiltered podcast, it can also be followed on Instagram and twitter at @thegholepod

Sep 26, 2022

Respecting boundaries of other people, me almost getting evicted, Adam's history w/ CTE, Jonas' history w/ sleep paralysis, Brittney Griner's history of disrespecting America is working against her.
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Sep 18, 2022

Gavin McInnes vs Owen Benjamin, and the FBI raiding Gavin's house.  Anthony confirms it's all love, and that he has no feuds. Bob living in a $5000/month basement, and Ray has no family, fun times!

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Sep 15, 2022

Fun times! Talking Pete and The Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls, comedy vs politicians, growing up not knowing Weird Al songs were parodies, MC Hammer tried to beat up Tupac, mosh pits, Aries Spears & Tiffany Haddish's Funny or Die sketches

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Sep 6, 2022

No clue who Micheal Gavin Ali is, but apparently a horrible person, crashing fundraisers w/ fun, buy Dave Temple's new album, he's fantastic @iamdavetemple Geno's benefit to help him serve papers to Pat

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