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Rock Bottom Podcast

Comedians Bob Biggerstaff (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing) & Ray DeVito (The Jim Gaffigan Show, MTV) cohost The Greatest Hour of Listening Ever! aka.. The Ghole. They host the podcast out of NYC, every Monday and they have a guest comedian or two. Every episode the guests have to reveal a guilty pleasure they have, or at least an opinion or stance that they have that goes agains the public opinion. It's an unfiltered podcast, it can also be followed on Instagram and twitter at @thegholepod

Aug 30, 2021

An excited Danny Polishchuk get an autographed Rudy Gullani 9/11 World Series baseball courtesy of Corrine Fisher's baseball card shop, and Danny convinces Ray to keep his date w/ a TS woman, fun times!

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Aug 23, 2021

Comedians Alia Janine & Carter Dougherty hang. Young Carter is in the coast guard and expresses his concerns about everything going on in Afghanistan, and Alia coaches Carter as he's about to embark on his first threesome.

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Aug 16, 2021

First Episode of Rock Bottom aka GHole Podcast live stream & pod w/ Gheremay Demery

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Aug 9, 2021

Greg explains to me the difference between field corn & human corn, I explain taxes, horribly.. Keanu explains Only Fans to Greg. I talked about my autistic roommate who assumed I'd pay $3000 to fix his air conditioning, fun times!

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Aug 2, 2021

Comedians Alia Janine & Jonas Barnes join me. We talk about cocaine, giving lap dances, the awesome city of Milwaukee, kick boxing, and the joy of not doing drugs.

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