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Rock Bottom Podcast

Comedians Bob Biggerstaff (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing) & Ray DeVito (The Jim Gaffigan Show, MTV) cohost The Greatest Hour of Listening Ever! aka.. The Ghole. They host the podcast out of NYC, every Monday and they have a guest comedian or two. Every episode the guests have to reveal a guilty pleasure they have, or at least an opinion or stance that they have that goes agains the public opinion. It's an unfiltered podcast, it can also be followed on Instagram and twitter at @thegholepod

Jul 29, 2019

Ep. 15 Bob Knows Porn! w/ Alia Janine

Fun episode w/ comedian Alia Janine, you know Janine from Hardcore Comedy show. Alia is a comedian from Wisconsin, she is a porn star as well. Bob is a connoisseur of porn, and Bob & Janine discuss how to successfully appreciate porn stars and people who work within the industry. We...

Jul 22, 2019

Ep. 14 Thug Life Emails w/ Sarah Tollemache

Fun episode w/ comedian Sarah Tollemache, you know her from Comedy Central & Late Show w/ Jame Corden. We talk about the new movie Cats, we go down Val Kilmer's career and the time Bob got to see him live trying to answer questions, even though throat cancer has run it's...

Jul 15, 2019

Ep. 13 Viral Fights w/ Tom Ryan, Michael Harrison, & Jonas Barnes

This is a combination of two episodes, as Ray continues to master the soundboard. First episode is with comedian Tom Ryan, as the crew discusses the rash of viral fighting videos on the internet.

Bonus episode, with Bob on the road, Ray hangs out...

Jul 8, 2019

We talk w/ Katharyn about the history of porn, her days of working as a a BDSM dungeon manager, her upcoming shows at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival this summer. Also, her teen days in Sacramento, CA.. overcoming meth addiction and moving to NYC


Jul 1, 2019

Ep. 11 Cut "Cutting" Out & Bob's girlfriend is real! w/ Rachel Joan & Elizabeth Davis

This is a combination of two episodes, as Ray learns to use the soundboard. First episode is with comedian Rachel Joan as she talks about the book "Law of Attraction" and how she overcame cutting. Then episode two is with the amazing...